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re: So About Those Updates....


Hey there Pandas! I started to write out a news article last week and my Legion A.D.D. kicked in. Instead, I ended up creating a spreadsheet and then recruiting Cadall to help me get some formulas working on it. It's pretty. I think you guys will love it when I share it! I just wanted to drop a quick line and say I expect to post the Archimonde video soon and some Legion updates in the near future. Right now, I am enjoying some quiet time. A full year of writing every week (almost), it's nice to get some quiet time too. But, don't you worry. I'm still spamming the forums as I get them ready for Legion without too many spoilers!

What I can say is if you raid, you should look at the PTR. At the very least, when pre-expansion patch hits, you need to do some class homework. Don't be shocked like me. The ability bars were empty, to say the least, when I got over there. If there is anything for Legion that you have questions about, please post them below and I will do my best on a write-up before then. Artifact power farming and Legendary farming strategies I plan to work on here shortly when I can get some good data on it. Kind of like when we did the WoD launch for the garrisons!! :D

Please don't forget we have been doing moose runs for guildies and friends on Wednesdays! <3

As always, continue to be awesome Pandas. Exciting new is on its way!

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